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An intimate proposal in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Planning a secret engagement in Switzerland can be a challenge. While there are certainly plenty of beautiful places here, most of the epic panoramas are usually crowded with people. On the other hand, engagements are a private event, where you typically want to be alone. When Sean came up with the idea to propose to his girlfriend in Lauterbrunnen, I immediately started thinking about a location that would have a breathtaking view but be private enough. Since I had an idea of what kind of scenery we wanted, I arrived in the region a few hours early on the engagement day and searched for the perfect spot. And I found it!

After a couple of hours of searching, I finally found this spot and immediately realized it was the perfect location possible. All that was left was to send the coordinates and await Sean and his girlfriend. Everything went according to plan. Sean suggested taking a stroll at my chosen spot. I waited at the agreed-upon location, pretending to be a tourist. When the couple approached me, Sean asked if I could take their photo with his phone. I offered to take photos not only with the phone but also with my camera. The rest - you can see in the photos.


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