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Mountain Proposal: After A Decade Together

Planning a surprise proposal for Nick and his girlfriend turned out to be quite an adventure. We initially had our sights set on Lucerne, a place brimming with memories for his girlfriend. However, when weather forecasts didn't cooperate, we quickly adjusted our plans and chose the charming backdrop of Wengen—a spot I knew would never disappoint.

Exploring the Swiss landscape, we stumbled upon a secluded spot that felt just right for their special moment. Along the way, a passing farmer on his tractor briefly interrupted our journey, adding an unexpected twist to our story. But instead of causing a hiccup, it added to the spontaneity and charm of the occasion.

When Nick finally got down on one knee in Wengen, surrounded by its breathtaking beauty, it felt like everything fell into place. As their photographer, I couldn't help but feel overjoyed, witnessing their love story unfold amidst such a picturesque setting.

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