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Surprise proposal in Wengen, Switzerland

Sean & Lilly couple photoshoot


I searched for a photographer 2 weeks before proposing. By “searched” I mean googled “wedding photographer in Switzerland.” I messaged the internet’s first suggestion, but the photographer was booked. They sensed my disappointment and suggested a woman by the name of Zivile. 


Zivile immediately messaged back, stating her availability and pricing details. And if her last minute heroics weren’t noble enough, she kept them coming the day of the shoot.  


My proposal was meant to be a surprise, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Zivile. She arrived HOURS early to scope the place out. Our initial spot was taken, so she surveyed the land before finding another location (and pocketed another just in case).  


Finally, to keep with the illusion of the surprise, she secretly guided me and my fiancé to the location - waiting for us to get off the train before heading in the direction of the shoot. She hiked a good distance ahead of us before sitting on a nearby bench. I asked if she could take a photo or two of us for the gram, then popped the question. 


Once my intentions were clear, Zivile switched from secret agent to helpful photographer. She walked us through getting comfortable in front of the camera, coaxing us out of our comfort zones in an effort to capture the beauty of our everyday movements at a once in a lifetime location. If I were a polygamist, I’d hire Zivile for all my wives photo shoots.


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